Be the Best Dancer You Can Be

Photo by Geek With a Lens.

  • Have amazing work ethic- Your teachers expect you to learn, apply and maintain your corrections.  This could mean: working on your own, practicing at home, doing a step 100 times until you get it and keeping a notebook with corrections in it and reviewing it before each class.  Do the correction you are given right away to demonstrate understanding without being asked to do so.  Do the combination full out with the teacher when he or she is giving it.   Never mark.  Finish each combination well, either dancing all the way off the floor or finishing in a nice fifth with both hands off the barre.  Give 100% effort in your classes at all times.


  • Concentrate- Pay attention to everyone’s corrections and apply them to yourself.  Courteously ask only intelligent, thought-provoking questions.  Stay on topic with your comments and questions.   Totally focus on the task at hand and never let yourself be distracted by others.


  • Be Respectful to Faculty- Be prepared for class and be on time. Students should be at least 15 minutes early.  If you are late due to unforeseen circumstances, you should ask the teacher’s permission to enter the room.  Greet your teacher or staff as you enter the building or classroom.  Raise your hand.  Address the teacher by name and then ask your question.  Absolutely no talking in class.  No yawning.  Say please. Thank the teacher for his or her correction.  Do not chew gum. No asking when class is over.  No leaning on the barre.  No putting your hands on your hips or crossing your arms.  No sitting down in class.  Go to the bathroom before class begins.   Never openly criticize or question your teacher. Sarcasm and disrespectful behavior of any kind have no place in the classroom. Thank your teacher after classes individually. A hand written thank you note at the end of the year is appropriate.

  • Be Respectful to the Space- Do not run in the building.  Do not be loud.  Clean up after yourself.  Keep all your belongings in your dance bag and keep your bag neat and orderly so you can find what you need. You do not change clothes in the bathroom stalls, but in the dressing room.


  • Be Respectful of Other Students- Be helpful to each other.  Be supportive of one another.  Do not talk about others in a negative way.  Be inclusive.  Look after the younger students and engage them in conversation.  Be respectful of the older students which means letting them stand up front and letting them choose their spot at the barre first.  Do not stand up front or go in the first group if you do not know the combination.


  • Be Respectful of Yourselves- Have the proper dress code for each class.  Do not wear dangly earrings or jewelry that can inhibit movement.  Have your hair perfectly slicked back in a bun with bobby pins and a hairnet.  Do not wear tights that are ripped or shoes that have holes in them; take pride in your appearance.  Be modest and cover up your body when you enter or leave the studio.  Do not wear flip flops, they are not proper footwear for dancers.  Practice good posture at all times. Feed your body properly with lots of fruits, veggies, lean meats, nuts, low fat dairy and whole grains. Drink lots of water.  Eat breakfast.  Get at least 7 hours of sleep a night.


  • Hold Your Head High- You are an elite dancer.  You are a friend to everyone.  You are a perfectionist.  You are polite.  You are a lady or a gentleman in every sense of those words. You are respected because of your dedication, discipline, perfection, self-control, and grace. You are a serious artist and you should be proud.