Most people that know me, know my ‘kids’ (aka.my dance students) mean everything to me.  I have chosen to dedicate my life to dance education and in doing so, I have made many personal sacrifices so that I can do it right.  What a lot of people don’t know is that I have absolutely no regrets about this.  My life is completely enriched by my students, my colleagues, my incredibly supportive husband and family and yes, despite the Dance Moms thing, the amazing parents that fill my life.  This blog is to let those people know the person behind the persona that is ‘Miss Erin’.  I have wanted to start this blog for a long time so I can be honest about me, my students and the dance world in general.  I want to empower my students and parents with information they need and I don’t want anything to be ‘off limits.’.

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  1. Kara Mckellar

    Miss Erin,

    Love this. My girls started at DU when they turned 2 now they are 22 and 17. We love you and what you bring to the DU family. So blessed to have been part of this amazing family and just know you inspire us. Xoxo kara

    1. Miss Erin Post author

      Thanks you so very much! It’s my students that inspire me, so I’m glad to hear it!

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